Thursday, 25 June 2009

No news

No news, no news. Nothing on the house, nothing on the job. We are still in limbo. There is nothing we can do about either, so I'm distracting myself with useful things, like looking up evacuation policies and deciding which pink looks best in the cushions Eva is making. I am remembering my deep breathing exercises, and only occasionally run screaming into the bushes. As soon as we hear anything, you'll be the first to know.

And FYI, I was not exaggerating about the worm:

Friday, 19 June 2009

All over the place

Oh dear, usual apologies about being a terrible blogger and leaving long gaps between posts. I actually have an impressive list of excuses and preoccupations which have kept me offline.

1. My parents were here. We went to Jinja, where our driver was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, but we had a nice time anyway (and no-one was hurt.) We went back to Mihingo Lodge, just as beautiful as last time and my mother cantered through the savannah on a horse -again, no-one was hurt, though she looked very wobbly at one point.

2. Baby K had a roundworm. It was 10.5cm long. We pickled it in some waragi (local brew, made from bananas, undrinkable) and took it to the doctor's. There are loads more details I could add, but won't, as it is stomach-churning enough as it is. We have all now been de-wormed.

3. We have been to lots of parties. We had three of them last weekend. Not sure when we got so popular, but we went with it anyway. I am looking porkier as a result of gorging myself on canapes.

4. We have spent hours discussing our future. R's job is coming to an end soon, but I have been offered a job here! We might stay. Then again, R has applied for a job in Burma/Myanmar and we might go there instead.

5. In case we stay, we have been doing some househunting. Lots of over-priced new builds, with floor-to-ceiling tiles (why do Ugandans love so many tiles? It makes the whole house feel like a giant bathroom.)

6. But we did look round our dream home: on top of a beautiful hill, with views over the whole city on one side and the lake on the other. R could paint in the guest annexe while I win the bread. Lovely creepers and burgeoning vegetable patch.

7. We would be subletting off some Americans who aren't sure yet if they're coming back to Uganda, so the whole thing may be a non-starter. If, that is, we end up staying, which we don't know yet.

8. If R gets through this next round of interviews, he will go to Seattle for the final showdown.

9. Apparently the schools aren't great in Burma, so lots of people home school. I am not sure I am cut out for home-schooling.

10. Oh yes: my job. It would be with Banana Boat, designing and commissioning new Ugandan products with local suppliers as well as lots of other interesting things. I would also have time to really develop Sweetshop, which would be fantastic. If we stay.

If I think about this any more, I am worried my head might explode.

Decisions, decisions.